4 Eye Exercises To Try During Study Breaks

4 Eye Exercises To Try During Study Breaks

Health is wealth – is an adage for a reason. And, it applies to your eye health too! In today’s digital era – with increased screen time, your eyes experience considerable strain. Therefore, it’s crucial that you take a minute to give them a break. 

Not just that, you can try some of these eye exercises to improve your eye health.  

1. Eye Muscle Exercise 

Practice building elastic eyesight and maintain your visual health by regularly exercising your eye muscles. How? Go to a window and look as far as you can. This helps improve your panoramic vision. 

  • Look as far as you can from a window
  • While looking far, focus on nothing
  • Let your eyes relax
  • Refocus back on what’s in front of you
  • Practise this every 90 minutes by looking at something far

2. Smooth Pursuit Stimulus

This eye exercise allows movement on visual targets to be stabilised in the retina. All it needs is a pen and a friend. 

  • Keep your head still.
  • Ask your friend to move a pen from left to right
  • Keep your gaze fixed on the pen as it moves
  • Do ten repetitions of this exercise

3. Coordination & Zooming 

This exercise strengthens your eye-hand coordination while building focus when viewing objects up close. 

  • Keep your thumb on your nose between the eyes
  • Gradually move the thumb away while focusing on the tip of your thumb
  • Once your thumb reaches the farthest point, switch focus to what is behind the thumb
  • Bring the thumb back to the original position
  • Repeat ten times

4. Make Figure 8

Making the figure eight with your eyes improves your control over the physical movement of your eyes. 

  • Hold up your finger. Looking at your fingernail, draw figure eight at your eye level
  • Focus both your eyes on the finger as it moves
  • Make sure your finger isn’t too far, and you’re in the margin of your face
  • Repeat for 30 seconds and then switch directions
  • If you encounter nausea or dizziness, stop and rest

Here’s How Eye Exercises Help

Eye exercises help in strengthening your eye muscles and improving blood circulation. Not just that it helps improve muscle tone – this in turn helps you achieve sharper vision. The goal of these exercises is to minimise eye fatigue and get your eyes to work efficiently. 

That said, get optimum rest, consume nutritious food, and take regular screen breaks to ensure your eyes are in top shape.