How to Continue Your Preparation Amid Lockdown

How to Continue Your Preparation Amid Lockdown

The coronavirus pandemic lockdown not only brought the entire nation to a standstill but also put a halt to the dreams of many aspiring students looking forward to appearing in the major entrance exams such as JEE and NEET. Even with restrictions lifting in large parts of the country, educational institutions are instructed to remain closed.

If you are also looking forward to appearing in these entrance exams, instead of panicking and worrying too much, consider the current situation as a blessing in disguise and invest this time in strengthening your preparation. This lockdown can be a stepping stone towards a brighter tomorrow.

All you need to do is stay positive and utilize this extra time efficiently and judiciously to boost your preparation.

Here’s how you can put the lockdown period to better use and continue your preparation.

  • Online Crash Courses

With the world now thriving solely on technology, you should enroll yourself for an online crash course to boost your preparation amid lockdown. Aakash Institute offers ASPIRE Course for NEET 2020 and TARGET Course for JEE (Main & Advanced) 2020. These online crash courses will not only help you revive the concepts but also fast track your preparation and give it an extra boost.

  • Live Online Classes

While attending physical classroom is no longer an option, live online classes can help you continue your preparation just like in a real classroom. Aakash Live is a virtual classroom that allows live interaction, thereby delivering the same physical classroom experience by expert Aakash Faculty. Additionally, you can clear your doubts instantly, attempt Mock Tests & AIATS and get detailed analytics, and replay class recordings at your discretion. You can also enroll for Meritnation Live, a web-based lecture program for 6-10 class students where best teachers in India teaches through LIVE classes broadcasted directly to students’ homes.

  • Self-study

Self-study plays an important role in the overall success. Devote time to self-study during the lockdown so that your concepts stay clear and you don’t need to start your preparation from scratch. Aakash iTutor, a tablet-based learning program that combines classroom learning and self-study can come to your rescue. Aakash iTutor helps you to continue your preparation by offering anywhere anytime access to recorded video lectures by expert Aakash Faculty that can give the required edge to your self-study sessions. Apart from that, you can also opt for Meritnation Self-study, a smart study course with access to recorded video lectures, online study resources and more to help you learn with best teachers in India, ask doubts and get instant feedback sitting at home.

  • Online Mock Tests

It is rightly said that practice makes preparation perfect. With new dates released for JEE and NEET, the countdown to country’s major entrance examinations has already begun. A good practice can help you ace these exams. Continue your preparation with Aakash PracTest that offers a number of online practice tests based on the new CBT Pattern that comprehensively prepares you for JEE/NEET by providing reports and analytics to help you analyze your strengths and weaknesses.

  • Stay Connected with your Teachers

The significance of a teacher cannot be measured. A teacher is imperative for the success of a student. Hence, it is important that you stay connected with your teachers even during the lockdown period. Aakash Faculty is available round the clock to help you continue your preparation and keep learning from the safety of your home. You can also download the Teacher Connect App exclusively designed for hassle-free learning to help you stay connected with teachers 24X7, clear all your doubts, get help with homework and more with just a click.

  • Focus on NCERT Textbooks

Your NCERT textbooks are the mantra for success. Every line of the NCERT textbooks entails important information. During the lockdown period, you should devote time to revising the NCERT textbooks and practicing all the questions it contains. You can also download the NCERT Solutions App, a super convenient way to access solutions of all NCERT textbooks & other popular Reference books at your fingertips.

  • Manage Screen Time

While studying from home, it is important that you manage your screen time better. Do not sit at a fixed place for long hours. Study in short sessions and take frequent breaks after every 30-40 minutes. Once you are done with a topic, move around and stretch your body. You can also balance your study time by studying from textbooks that will help limit your screen time. Apart from that, reduce your time on social networking apps and rather indulge in indoor physical activities such as yoga, meditation, etc. that will boost your health and well-being. To reduce strain on your eyes, engage in special exercises for the eyes.