How to Develop Self-discipline for Online Learning

How to Develop Self-discipline for Online Learning

Self-discipline is “doing what needs to be done when it needs to be done even when you don’t feel like doing it.” The COVID-19 pandemic has definitely changed the face of the education system by triggering a learning revolution and metamorphosing into a completely new domain.

As it turns out, the sudden switch from brick & mortar to virtual classrooms has been challenging for students as well as for the teachers. With so many distractions posed by online learning, students need to develop self-discipline to succeed.

If you think you lack the focus and discipline required for online learning, this blog is for you.

Make a Schedule
A schedule ensures discipline and oozes productivity. Make a schedule, divide your time judiciously between all subjects, set aside time for homework and assignments, and assign at least an hour for practice along with self- assessment. Do not forget to set a specific time for self-study.  Additionally, keep a close tab on test dates, assignment submissions, etc. and add them to your weekly calendar. Following a schedule will help you stay disciplined and aid in better time management.

Stay Organized
Just making a schedule on paper is not going to help you in any way. You need something more than that. The key to develop self-discipline lies in staying organized. However, this call should come from within so that you can improve your habits. Start by arranging everything you need in advance including books, notes, stationery, etc. before the commencement of your online class. Double check your internet connection so that you are not logged out amid an ongoing session. Do not forget to take notes during live classes as you would in any other class and organize them in a way that makes sense to you. Apart from that, follow your schedule, submit your assignments in time, do not miss any test, and avoid procrastination. By staying organized you can accomplish your targets as efficiently as possible.

Choose a Suitable Study Space
As emphasized previously, studying online requires both dedication and self-discipline. A proper study space provides you with a perfect learning environment. In order to optimize your studies, choose a study space that is comfortable and quiet, thereby allowing you to focus well. It should also be well-lit with a good internet connection, access to power, and free from distractions.

Avoid Distractions
Just being online can be distracting for a lot of you. The never-ending urge to check every notification on your phone plagues your being. The key to avoid distractions is to remove all possible sources of distractions from your surroundings.  Turn off all notifications on your smartphone as it can distract you and waste your time. Make sure any redundant tabs or chat windows are closed while you are studying online. Follow the guidelines issued by your teachers for live classes and make the most of your online learning experience.

Participate in Discussions
Always remember that learning is a two-way process. And with online learning, it has become more important than ever to communicate. Active engagement in online classroom discussions, asking questions, and sharing your opinions is a vital part of enhancing communication. If you won’t participate or ask doubts, your teachers won’t be able to gauge your progress. In the end, only you hold the key to self-learning and self-improvement. Your teachers can simply guide and mentor you. So, don’t rely on others to ask questions; be proactive and take the charge of your learning.

Stop Procrastinating
Procrastination is a big deterrent to self-growth and accomplishment. In order to be self-disciplined, you need to stop putting off tasks until tomorrow as it will only build up the work, making it too hard to catch up. Whatever is taught in the online class, make it a point to revise it the same day. Do your homework and complete your assignments in time. If a task seems too overwhelming, break it into smaller tasks to make it less intimidating. This will also make it more manageable.

Give Tests with Integrity
Integrity is one of the most important qualities one requires towards developing self-discipline for online learning. Taking tests with integrity allows you to properly evaluate your performance. We know how big a temptation it can be to just open your books at home and write all the correct answers just to see a higher score in exams. However, what good is writing an exam if it doesn’t honestly reflect your learning? Taking tests honestly helps you to analyse your mistakes and gradually improve upon them. Moreover, tests are a way for your teachers to determine what you have learned and how much you have understood the syllabus taught in classes. If you are not honest and cheat with your own learning, it will defeat the whole point of taking tests. In addition, you might slip into the habit and never develop necessary test-taking skills.

The only thing that online learning demands is absolute discipline. You need to understand that this is not vacation time for you. Take charge of your success by becoming self-disciplined. Remember, it is discipline not desire that determines your destiny. Developing a sincere attitude towards online learning will help you to achieve your academic goals. Mere motivation to do well won’t be enough for shaping your career ahead. Active discipline and integrity are the real game-changers.