How to Prepare for School Exams Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

How to Prepare for School Exams Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

Millions of students today are learning on online platforms due to the closure of educational institutions in the wake of COVID-19 pandemic. Live Classes, Recorded Video Lectures, etc. have become the new way of learning, thereby bringing a technological revolution in the Indian education system. Unsure of re-opening of the schools in these unprecedented times, schools have transitioned from in-person to online exams to evaluate the performance of students. But, how to prepare for school exams amid the COVID-19 pandemic?

Preparing for online school exams amid COVID-19 pandemic can be quite challenging for students. If you are also one of the many students who are preparing for online school exams, here is how you can maximize your score.

  • Get Organized

While staying at home has definitely helped a majority of us to stay safe in the times of global pandemic, it has also disrupted our daily schedule and turned it upside down. Hence, the first step towards preparing for your school exams is by getting organized. Start with preparing a time-table, divide your time judiciously, set daily targets, and assign at least an hour for practice along with self-assessment. Do not consider the time spent on attending classes as your study time. Self-study also needs to be accommodated within the time-table. Following a time-table will ensure better time management and help you to prepare for school exams in an organized way.

  • Find Your Space

You need to find a study space that is comfortable and quiet. Having your space will provide you with a perfect environment where you can focus on preparing for the exam. Additionally, keep all distractions at bay – no family members, no pets, and definitely no social media. While taking tests online, make sure you close all the redundant tabs that cause distraction and focus only and only on practicing for the exam.

  • Develop Good Study Habits

Developing good study habits is an important precursor to success. Attend your online classes regularly, read everything taught in the class again on a daily basis, take notes conscientiously, review the notes every day and avoid procrastination. When you set the right prerequisites, the mind automatically gets accustomed to following the set study pattern rather than leaving everything on last-minute preparation. Achieving short-term topic-wise goals automatically encourages you to cover the entire syllabus on time and helps you to prepare for school exams well in advance.

  • Online Mock Tests

It is important to familiarize yourself with online test-taking experience. There are innumerable online mock tests available for all subjects and classes. Practice at least 3-4 online mock tests and in a timed manner to prepare for school exams. We understand, while taking a practice test at home, it is super tempting to give yourself extra time and take long and leisurely breaks. But please do not give in to that temptation. Remember, the idea of giving a practice test is to be really ready and confident for the real-time test environment. Additionally, attempting the tests honestly, without any help from textbooks/class notes, will also help evaluate your preparation level and boost your confidence for the school exams.

  • Peer-Learning

Another interesting way to prepare for school exams amid the COVID-19 pandemic is by finding an online peer-learning group comprising of dedicated students or creating one for yourself. A peer group helps you to review and compare your notes, ask each other questions, brainstorm ideas, discuss the upcoming exams, deal with difficult concepts and test each other. You can arrange such peer meetings online over video calls by fixing a time and setting the agenda to make the most of the session. Remember, discussion-oriented learning allows you to pre-empt examiner’s questions and learn from the doubts of other students.

  • Practice Typing Your Answers

Schools exams are subjective and there is a lot of writing involved. Now with school exams being conducted online, you will be required to type your answers instead of writing. Hence, a good typing speed and accuracy is a must. So, practice typing your answers to prepare for school exams well in advance. Also, pay close attention to spellings and accuracy in writing so that you do not lose out marks due to carelessness.

  • Focus on NCERT Textbooks

CBSE Board Exams are completely based on the NCERT textbooks. So, be it online or offline exams, the questions won’t be based on topics beyond the prescribed NCERT syllabus. A detailed study of the NCERT textbook is vital to prepare thoroughly and comprehensively for the school exams.

  • Solve In-Text & Exercise Questions available in NCERT Textbooks

All the chapters in your NCERT textbooks consist of both In-Text Questions and other additional Exercise Questions. These questions can be your key to success. By solving these questions, you can test your knowledge of the chapter and find out your strengths and weaknesses topic-wise and thereby improve on them. NCERT Exemplar questions must be solved in advance in all subjects so that you are well-versed with the pattern of questions, along with their possible weightage in school exams.

  • Practice Previous Years’ Papers of Term Exams

If possible, try to procure previous years’ papers of term exams from your seniors. Solving them will help you to gain an insight into the exam pattern and familiarize you with important topics. Additionally, you can look for sample tests online. It will introduce you to a good number of questions on a single topic and will provide you with necessary practice. Consider these papers as Mock-Tests for your school exams and attempt them in a simulated manner so as to gauge your score in the actual exams, as per the marking scheme.

  • Get Enough Sleep

Not having to wake up early for the school does not mean sleeping late and compromising on your sleep to binge-watch shows and movies. A good sleep helps you to completely synthesize whatever you have learnt, especially the topics covered in the couple of hours before the bedtime. A good night sleep helps you to wake up fresh in the morning and fully engage in the online learning sessions.

That said, in these testing times with uncertainty looming large around the re-opening of educational institutions, you may feel a bit overwhelmed. It is important to stay motivated and not lose hope. Try to find joy in the little things and develop a hobby to keep yourself engaged. Do not be anxious and indulge in recreational activities to refresh your mind. Eat healthy and home-cooked food only. All the best!