Know how to prepare for Class X CBSE Boards

Know how to prepare for Class X CBSE Boards

One of the most critical things in the life of a student is the 10th exam.   Students appearing in this year’s CBSE Class 10th Board exams may seem anxious, but using the precise preparation tips will make it easy for students to crack the exam. Students can score good marks without any hassle with the aid of proper guidance and accurate planning strategies. No doubt, the syllabus of class 10 is colossal, and that is why students must have an appropriate study plan so that they can complete the syllabus on time and have enough time to practice the previous year’s papers. This article outlines some practical and insightful tips to instruct students on how to prepare for the 2021 Class 10 CBSE Board exam.

1. Know the Exam Pattern and Syllabus
It will help students understand the specifics, such as the type of questions, the number of questions, the marking method, etc. Understanding the syllabus thoroughly would encourage students to scrutinize the topics effectively.

CBSE Class 10th exam consists of a total of 100 marks i.e.

Annual Board (80 Marks): Passing marks are 33% out of 80
Internal Assessment (20 Marks): Periodic Tests – 10 marks each, Notebook submission – 5 marks, Subject Activities – 5 marks

2. A proper study timetable will make the preparations easy
One of the most significant planning steps that students can take is also to maintain a proper timetable. It isn’t easy to attain your target without adequate preparation. It will improve your confidence by making a proper timetable and dividing equal time for each subject. Bear in mind that constant study is often better than being vicious. If you are weak in a particular subject, then try to devote more time to the same.

3. Make Short Notes
Taking quick notes often helps to learn complicated subjects. To make learning simple, you can always write formulas, rules, etc. Be sure to read notes every day, as this will allow the mind to memorize things quickly.

4. Solve Previous Year Sample papers
Resolving past year papers is one of the most incredible ways to evaluate yourself. Doing this will not only serve to strengthen your confidence, but you will also be more prepared. Solving sample papers will help you to manage your time, and students will be able to keep track of their pace.

5. Make a proper strategy
When writing solutions, you have to follow a proper technique, which will come out with daily practice. Make appropriate use of the allotted reading time before initiating the exam.

6. Take Proper Rest
By solving sample papers before the exams, not only would it help to manage stress & anxiety, but you will feel more secure in the exam hall when providing answers. It is also necessary to sleep appropriately before the day of the exam.

7. Take breaks while studying
Studying for long hours can be quite frustrating, so it would be best to take breaks in between. Doing exercises in between can help you to stay focused & fit during your preparation time.

Board examinations are considered to be one of the most significant phases of a student’s life. You are permitted to select your preferred course and proceed to your dream career based on your board exam scores.  The preparation tips mentioned in this article will surely help you to write your CBSE Board exams in the most appropriate way and score excellent marks.