Learning Hacks that will Help You Master Biology

Learning Hacks that will Help You Master Biology

Biology is the study of life that concerns itself with the human body and the natural world around. The only way you can master biology is by making your concepts clear. If you are a medical student, then becoming a doctor should be your ultimate goal. In order to fulfil this dream, each year thousands of students appear for the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET). To get into a top level college, it is not necessary to crack the exam but also attain one of the top ranks. This is only possible if you work hard and focus on important subjects like Biology as it carries the maximum marks in NEET.

Before starting your NEET Preparation, you should be aware that out of a total of 180 questions, 90 are asked from biology. Hence, a poor performance in this section can shatter your dream of becoming a doctor. Here is a list of some of the most useful tips that you can follow to master biology and score well in the exam.

Know the Complete Syllabus
The syllabus is an outline of the entire course material that you are required to learn. Knowing the Biology syllabus thoroughly can help you identify your strong and weak areas. The process of understanding the syllabus starts with reviewing it methodically and then highlighting the titles as well as the subheads. Also, the more you are aware of the format and the syllabus, the better you will be able to perform in the exam.

Effective Study Plan
Proper planning is necessary for studying any complex subject like Biology. So, after you are aware of the importance of each topic, you are required to make an effective study plan. Assign study time according to each topic depending on its length. The more realistic your study plan is, the more productive your studying will be. This way you will be able to finish all the chapters well in time and will get enough time for revision.

Prepare Diagrams
Diagrams are an integral part of Biology. You must be well acquainted with the diagram based concepts of the subject as they carry more marks. Apart from diagrams, you should also adopt the habit of making notes, charts or bullet points for keeping a record of all the things that are being taught in the class. This will help you significantly while revising the syllabus.

Make Proper Notes
The most effective way to get outstanding marks in biology is to make proper notes. Through handwritten notes, you can create shortcuts and flow charts to understand difficult topics with ease. Other than this, they also force your brain to mentally engage with the concept while improving both reading comprehension and literacy. Moreover, preparing notes, prevents you from being distracted, as compared to studying from the computer.

Practice MCQs
Practicing multiple choice questions is the most crucial thing to do if you want to master biology. While completing the topics from the textbooks, you should keep practicing such questions simultaneously. You can find these questions in various mock tests and sample papers that are available online.  Online mock tests not only give immediate results but also provide instant feedback. Solving a considerable number of multiple choice questions on a daily basis helps in increasing the speed and accuracy. Furthermore, it also enables you to evaluate your preparation level while identifying the weaker areas.

In competitive exams like NEET, the difficulty level of biology section has increased over the last few years due to the growing competition. However, if you have a good command of this subject, you can easily crack NEET. The key to understand the complex concepts is to get well versed with the basics. The learning hacks mentioned above can efficiently improve your capability to study and master biology.