Proactive Parenting is Directly Proportional to Child's Success

Proactive Parenting is Directly Proportional to Child's Success

For a child, nobody can be the biggest well-wisher than his parents. Parents wish the best for their children and want them to be successful. To make sure their kids are getting everything they require and desire, parents strive hard to provide them with always the ‘Best’. This best ranges from food and clothes to School and Education. Talking about education, Parents are always worried about their kids’ education throughout their schooling phase, and this worry increases when the child reaches the verge of entering into the world of higher education.

As far as the mindset of Indian Parents is concerned, most of the Indian parents in India want their kids to become an engineer or a doctor. To see their kids becoming one of the top in the profession, they extend all of their support to them.

Every year, millions of students apply and sit for various entrance tests happening around the Nation, but only a few make it to the final list of qualified students. Getting admission in India’s top medical and engineering colleges by cracking NEET and JEE is just like a battle for the students, which they cannot conquest without the complete support of their parents.

For Parents, it is always hectic to stand by and see their child go through the challenges of entrance exams, especially during Medical and Engineering entrance exams after 12th grade. During exam time, students face night cram sessions, indulge in unhealthy eating habits, and high levels of stress and anxiety.

In this phase, Parents not only play a crucial role in supporting their child but also help them to snitch a good rank in competitive exams like NEET and IIT-JEE.

But is it all the support our future Doctors and Engineers need?

Well, the changing education scenario demands not just the Right Parenting but Proactive Parenting.

Why proactive parenting is important?
The most common and prominent mistake children make in their learning process is looking only up to their teachers to achieve academic success. They think whatever has to be learned always comes from the teachers. Students often overlook the fact that not just learning is important but the application of concepts through self-study and practice is the key to achieve success.

This is where Proactive Parenting comes into play. At this point, only parents can inculcate the habit of self-study and self-discipline in their child’s daily routine. Expecting teachers to somehow miraculously get your child to listen to instructions is unfair. What do you think about this?

How proactive parenting can help?
Parents can be more proactive in teaching their children characteristics and principles that can expand their chances for success.

Tips to become a proactive parent
Given below are a few tips parents can follow to proactively guide their children for the upcoming Medical and Engineering Entrance Exams.

  • Identify your expectations when it comes to your child’s learning schedule and habits.
  • Let your child know about your expectations. It will not let your child “guess” what you are expecting. For Example: Clearly state that you expect your child to complete the homework before going out to play with friends. Do not forget to let him know why it is important for his academic success.
  • Always try and ignite your child’s. curiosity. The next step? Do not let them wondering about it. Also, show him how to research.
  • Always make sure to feed your child with some extra information that goes beyond classroom learning and syllabus books.
  • Give positive feedback when and where applicable.
  • Praising your child from time to time helps to boost self-confidence. It can also help build your child’s morale.
  • Be consistent with your reactions to your child’s actions.
  • Make sure your parenting is focused on creating a well-adjusted, happier, and confident grownup.